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Our skills supported with long-year experience, guarantee services at the highest level.

Our professional approach and strong commitment will facilitate even the most difficult relocation.


Our offer:

  • Orientation Package
  • Home Search
  • Settling In
  • School Search
  • Immigration
  • Work Permits
  • Registration/Pesel/NIP


We are thrilled with your assistance when moving our family to Poland. You have found a flat for us that fits us wonderfully and is located right where we hoped to be. All of our paperwork and communication would have been almost impossible to understand without your help and you made it almost easy. Most importantly, you always bring a positive, happy personality to the relocation chores so it is much more enjoyable with your help.


Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my move to Poland. I have only been here less than a week and am already feeling at home due to all your efforts.
Wonderful apartment! You knew exactly what I wanted and found it for me.
I very much appreciate all the help with the lease, registration, notary, and mailing off.
I could not have managed this without your help.
Thanks for helping pick out an internet service plan and waiting for hours at my apartment to get this installed. I’m so much closer to my friends/family in the US now and there is no way I could have got internet service without your help.


Dank einer hervorragender Orientierungs Tour mit Ilona vom Full Service Office haben wir ganz zügig die Entscheidung getroffen, die neue Stelle in Breslau anzunehmen. An einem Tag haben wir die Gegend ausgesucht, wo wir wohnen möchten, einige Wohnungen gesehen und Schulen besichtigt. Es blieb noch Zeit, mit unseren Kindern eine lustige Stadt Rallye zu machen und lecker zu essen. Auch einige Wochen später konnten wir den besten Service bei der Wohnungssuche und Einzug in das neue Haus genießen. Danke!


Илона, большое спасибо за помощь в получении всех необходимых документов!

Олег и Нина

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Full Service Office
ul. Rynek 7
50-106 Wrocław
Pasaż pod Błękitnym Słońcem
tel. +48 71 794 56 57



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