Representative address for your company

A modern alternative of a traditional office

Rynek 7

The location in the city center


We provide proper working conditions

Adaptable to customer needs

Fully customizable rooms arrangement

A modern alternative of a traditional office

Full Service Office virtual office offers all the benefits of a traditional office, however, without the need to rent office space and hiring an administrative assistant.

Full Service Office is the most attractive and the easiest alternative:

  • Transparent and fixed cost
  • No long-term rent agreements
  • Secretarial services
  • Multilingual secretary’s office

Full Service Office virtual office is:

  • Representative address for companies in Pasaż Pod Błękitnym Słońcem (Under the Blue Sun Mall)
  • Possibility to register the company in the National Court Register at Rynek 7 or at ul. Kiełbaśnicza 3/4
  • Handling correspondence and transmitting it by e-mail or courier to a specified address
  • Multilingual, professional secretary’s office
  • Telephone number dedicated for your company
  • Redirecting telephone calls
  • Signboard with the name of your Company at the entrance or in the mall
  • Receiving your Clients and providing information about your Company
  • Possibility of renting an office or coworking spaces for hours or a longer period of time (Wi-Fi)
  • Possibility of renting a conference room or a meeting room for hours (Wi-Fi)

Secretarial services:

Full Service Office secretary’s office:

We will take over all the tasks of your secretary’s office in a professional way – and you are neither bound with us under an employment contract, nor have to look for a replacement for an administrative assistant during their leave time, what is more, you are not worried whether the tasks have been done.

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A modern alternative of a traditional office

We manage a secretary’s office, handle correspondence, answer telephone calls and arrange meetings.


Full Service Office
ul. Rynek 7
50-106 Wrocław
Pasaż pod Błękitnym Słońcem



Available parking spaces:

Plac Solny
ul. Rzeźnicza
ul. Kiełbaśnicza
Galeria Dominikańska
Hotel Sofitel
Parking Szewska.

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